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About us.

First time in my life I saw a Japanese chin in my childhood, when I was looking through the book of ancient Japanese art. An elegant small dog with rich snow-white hair and huge slanting eyes, staring at me from the painting, impressed me so much, that long after I was constantly outlining the lovely profile in my school notebooks, without even knowing then, that the name of that amazing breed was JAPANESE CHIN.
Years passed by, I married and had my own family, and one day my husband brought me a wonderful puppy. He handed me a tiny fluffy "wad" of a dog saying: "I think it's what you've been dreaming since your childhood - a puppy of Japanese chin!" This is how my first chin Fudzi came into my life to become the best friend and the source of endless joy and happiness for all my family through the following years.

€понский хин „ин  ингдом When Fudzi left this world, my own world fell apart. I could no longer exist without Japanese chin. Neither could my husband. We made contacts with Russian breeders of Japanese chins and after some time in one of Moscow chin kennels we bought our Japanese treasure -male chin with fabulous name Delis Sakura Akio Malenkiy Prints, or at home - Tosha. €понский хин Chin Kingdom Little Prince Tosha was promising high expectations, being still very small, he could conquer the hearts of my family members by his friendly disposition, his cheerful enthusiasm, his tenderness, devotion and affection.

Tosha played football with my husband, enjoyed cat-and-mouse games with our home cat Dusia and sang soul songs with me, carefully imitating beautiful melodies. As time went by Tosha turned from a little duckling into a beautiful swan. €понский хин Chin Kingdom

Training and dog shows loomed ahead on the horizon. Actually, it was the time of our joint studies with Tosha: I entered Tosha for dog handling classes, conducted by the well-known Russian dog handler Ms. Dariya Solokhina. In the course of training and handling Tosha I learned a lot new about my dog: he was not only a good student, quick on the uptake with his handler, but also a talented actor, who enjoyed public performance, so in fact Tosha €понский хин „ин  ингдом turned into an excellent dog for showing. In a couple of months Tosha obtained the titles of the Champion of Russian Kynological Fedration (RKF) and the Champion of Russia, and won 1-Best in Group at one of the regional dog shows in Moscow. Tosha's big wins in the rings of Japanese chins continued at International dog shows in Russia (Russia-2009, 2010; Eurasia-2010, 2011) and abroad (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France). Today Delis Sakura Akio Malenkiy Prints is the Best of Breed titleholder of many International dog shows and has the titles of International Champion and Champion of other countries.

€понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом

My world was spinning around my dearest Tosha. €понский хин „ин  ингдом However, the only one dog in a family seemed hardly enough for us by that time, and we decided to buy another chin, a beautiful female dog which would make a good wife for Tosha. That is to say, we wanted a beautiful female dog for showing and breeding in one package. Therefore we seriously approached the subject of purchasing a puppy, choosing a female dog with blood lines, most compatible with those of Tosha, and most favorable for future generations. Since both parents of our male chin were born in Omikudzi kennel, the female dog for him was also selected there. We planned €понский хин „ин  ингдом to have a good litter from this couple in future, and later our expectations came true. So, in one of the leading Russian chin kennels Omikudzi we bought a puppy - our charming female chin Omikudzi Mayumi Fleur De Lis (at home - Masha).

One more little "sun" was shining now in our home, filling our life with joy and pleasure! Our chins entertained us with their talents: Tosha sang songs while Masha performed polka-dance to his accompaniment. It was so amazing and so funny that our friends joked: "These two little clowns will be earning your crust of bread since now - it's a circus of a home!"

€понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом

Masha grew very mischievous and brave puppy: she enjoyed long walks in any weather, fearless of the snow or raining, she made friends will all the dogs she met on her way, she chased after the birds and squirrels in the neighboring park €понский хин „ин  ингдом and ran races with Tosha. Her restless, enthusiastic character later turned into what is known as "courage" in dog showing, when a dog enjoys performing in public, so the more Masha was shown at the dog shows, the more she was eager to make the best out of it. By the end of ten months she got her first title of the Junior Champion of Russia, followed by the titles of the Champion of RKF and Champion of Russia, and at her first International dog show "Russia-2009" she won the title of the Best Junior of Breed. Two months later at Russian Show of Champions "Golden Collar-2009" Masha won the title of the Champion of Breed 2009. Then we started showing Masha internationally, covering International dog shows in Slovakia and Czechia, where Masha won her Best of Breed titles in each of the countries and became the Champion of Czech Republic. In 2010 Masha won her Best Female of Breed title at International dog show "Russia-2010". At the next Russian Show of Champions "Golden Collar-2010" Masha again won the title of the Champion of Breed-2010.

€понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом

In January 2011 our chins married and had their first litter of three puppies. The litter turned out to be very good, as the puppies - one male and two females - took the very best from their parents. Our home was full of happiness - we had an entire chin family with us! I will never forget that wonderful time when our five chins were greeting me at home after work - two adult chins rushed to me for kissing and hugging, while three little ones, so cute and so lively, were jumping from joy and calling me for cuddling! It was then that the idea of creating my own chin kennel came to my mind.

€понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом €понский хин „ин  ингдом

The puppies grew up and went to their new owners, very kind, loving and caring people. €понский хин „ин  ингдом
Our home life restored its normal course, our chins resumed their habits, enjoying long walks and participating in dog shows, and everything would have been fine, but for the unusual silence without the puppiesЕ And what about us? We are already dreaming about our next litter, as we can no longer live without a big chin family. That is why we decided to create for our chins their own kingdom - Japanese Chin kennel - CHIN KINGDOM, where each chin is a true royal gift, genuine precious treasure!

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